Friday, 6 June 2014

The "Microsoft" Fever

          The time when you awaited for your first PC which embedded Microsoft's "Windows OS" made you happy like the joy of getting one of your favorite toy...! I still remember the day of getting my first PC, don't you? Well I think its a yes, if you are one of those computer geeks and enthusiasts. The purpose of writing this blog is to remind you all that how Microsoft changed the era of Personal Computing and has been changing ever since we started using these machines in our homes which made them called Personal and how I got influenced by this world of PC ruled by Windows!
          I got enthralled by the power of these PCs, the way it offers entertainment on demand, the productivity of its software for working environments, scientific purpose computation power and many more... There's lot of activities you can perform with the help of these machines. Just this fascination guided myself to do some contributions in the near future to the Software Industry by becoming a "Developer".
To bring some change for good in Software Industry and enhancing the lives of people which are now dependent on these Machines has been my motto since then!
          Reason why I have been influenced by Microsoft is simple. It has been around for so many years providing the perfect tools like "Visual Studio" for developers which made their imagination possible into reality. There are so many Operating Systems in today's Computer era for example Open Source Linux/Unix Operating Systems. From my very own experience after using Linux, I say it lacks liveliness, usability, User Experience, and the Application support. Though Open Source is spreading like a virus around the Software Development Industry. But its nothing when compared to the support, usability, and intuitiveness of Microsoft's sophisticated software tools.
          As being a technology enthusiast I would like to be part of Microsoft Student Associate(M.S.A.) which will offer the platform to spread and gain more information across the various fields on the applications of Information Technology, where "information" is considered to be the power in today's world. M.S.A. is one of those programs of which a developer has the opportunity to exchange information from all tech. enthusiasts in different professional fields as well the opportunity to spread the knowledge of computers/I.T. into the corners of the world where not all are able to seek computer education by representing Microsoft Technologies. Would you not like to be part of such program where you would get the chance to spread the word of your favorite technology on which you have been working on or gaining experience? Would you not like to share your experience? Of course you would love to... 
           Only activity which I prefer to perform if I get into M.S.A. is to learn and educate others. After all Information Technology is about learning and implementing of what you have learned. So what are your views regarding Microsoft? Are you a tech. enthusiast too? Then what are you waiting for? Lets write more about this and keep sharing your views and knowledge... Have a Good Day!

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